Matthias Clausen


Klimaschutz: Oh Gott sind wir unverbesserlich? (DI 12.15@ETH Alumni Pavillon)

Climate Protection: O God Are we a Hopeless Case? MI 12.10@Irchel Y03-G-85

Abendevents MO-DO 18.15@Obere Unimensa

Prof. Dr. Matthias Clausen is a lecturer at the Protestant University of Applied Sciences Tabor in Marburg and a lecturer at the Institute for Faith and Science (IGUW). 

As a speaker he is a guest at universities in the German-speaking world. Matthias Clausen is married and has three children. He likes good books, black coffee and computers that do not crash.

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Heike Breitenstein

Heike Breitenstein studied theology in Tübingen and Greifswald. She works for the Zacharias Institut (RZIM). She enjoys speaking to students of different backgrounds about how faith can be intellectually credible, existentially satisfying and personally relevant. She lives in Bern and enjoys hiking in the mountains. 


Gott und Corona: Wo bleibt das Eingreifen des Allmächtigen?  (MO 12.10@Irchel Y03-G-85)

What is A Good Life? (DI 18.15, International@Friedenskirche)

God and Coronavirus: Where is the Almighty in This pandemic?  (MI 12.15@ETH Alumnipavillon)

The Bible: Good News or Fake News? (Do 12.10@Irchel Y03-G-85)


Werner Stahel

Werner Stahel studied mathematics and specialised in statistics. He headed the statistical consulting service and the corresponding continuing education course and introduced the Master in Statistics at the ETH. The emeritus titular professor is a member of the Lecturers' Forum and is involved in the ev. ref. church of the city of Zurich and the Zurich city monastery [Stadtkloster].


Reason and Faith: Have Christians Lost Their Minds?

Monday 12.15 @ETH Alumni Pavillon

Glauben und Denken: Haben Glaubende den Verstand verloren?

Tuesday 12.10 @Irchel Y03-G-85

Bensch Sager

Bensch Sager studierte Psychologie an der UZH. Er setzt sich für die Erforschung und Anwendung der Positiven Psychologie ein, welche den Fokus auf das Fördern von Freude, Resilienz und individuellen Stärken legt. Daneben ist er Innovationspsychologe und Humortrainer. Privat ist Bensch Hobby-Friseur und ein extravertierter Weinliebhaber.


Dopamin oder Gott: Was macht glücklich?

Freitag 12.15 @ETH Alumni Pavillon

Remi Tobler studied Psychology and Religious Education in England and in Canada. She works for VBG with international students and lives in Zurich. It delights her to encourage and challenge students from every walk of life with the transformational encounter of being in a living relationship with Jesus and to work out how this encounter influences every sphere of their lives.

Remi Tobler


Why Does God Bother About Me?

Do 18.30@ETH Alumnipavillon